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the night is young


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trip's pawnshop

гостевой раздел; police don't have any suspects at this time, but they're pretty sure that it was you;

(Модераторы: August Lee)
10 380 гостевая 0.1;
2018-07-13 14:15:02 - Kim Jae-il

gallery noir

общая информация; every time i yank a jawbone from a skull and ram it into an eyesocket, i know i'm building a better future;

(Модераторы: August Lee)
8 27 квэй-джин;
2018-06-21 08:55:46 - pulp fiction

luckee star motel

анкетирование; ...blood. it's your new leg of lamb, your new champagne, your new fucking heroin;
1 2 шаблон анкеты;
2018-06-20 14:36:16 - pulp fiction


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ground 0

общая организация; if a man wanders into a tiger's domain, it may result in his being devoured. and so it has;
5 97 предупреждения и удаления;
Вчера 18:35:52 - pulp fiction


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surfside diner

реклама; i'm over here, boss! wait, maybe i'm over here! or maybe i'm behind you with a hatchet in my hand... or did you ever stop to think that your fear, if given a voice, would sound... like... this;
4 3945 #реклама 0.4;
Сегодня 14:37:40 - Rin Sato

hollywood heights

партнёрство; .everybody comes in here's got to have to a shot – house rules: inhibition's the first thing to go. two more of these, and you'll be telling me your nastiest, dirtiest stories; i am your beat priestess and it's time to confess;
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Вы здесь » the night is young